Watch: Former Trail Blazers’ star Rasheed Wallace said enraged Ruben Patterson transformed into the ‘Incredible Hulk’ after being sucker punched by Zach Randolph

Zach Randolph Ruben Patterson

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One of the highlights – or lowlights – of the Trail Blazers team in 2003 was when Zach Randolph sucker punched Ruben Patterson. The punch fractured the orbital socket around Patterson’s eye.

The fight began with an argument between rookie Qyntel Woods and Patterson, according to Rasheed Wallace. Wallace, a member of the team during those turbulent times, recalled the incident during an appearance on Gilbert Arenas’ podcast.

Wallace said Patterson and Woods were jawing at each other, face-to-face during a practice

“Out of nowhere, Zach came and pow, hit Rube in his face – hit him in his eye,” Wallace said.

Wallace said Patterson went ballistic and he was never more scared during his life in the NBA.

“He turned into the Incredible Hulk. “He just didn’t turn green,” Wallace said. “It took like nine people to stop him … from getting at Zach.”

Wallace said he, Scottie Pippen, Damon Stoudamire, Bonzi Wells struggled to hold Patterson back. He said Patterson said he wanted to kill Randolph. Wallace found Randolph in the locker room and told he needed to get out of the facility immediately.

Wallace, Pippen, Dale Davis and Wells corralled Patterson, for a minute or two. Patterson’s rage was too much.

“He threw all of us off him,” Wallace said.

The Blazers suspended Randolph two games and fined him $100,000. There were reports that Randolph was so scared of Patterson finding him that he went into hiding at Dale Davis’ house. Randolph reportedly apologized to Patterson, but the apology was never accepted.

The two had an uneasy coexistence until Patterson was traded to the Denver Nuggets in 2006.

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