Judge throws out civil rights claims in case of man strangled with seat belt in back of Eugene police car

Judge throws out federal claims in case against Eugene police

U.S. District Judge Michael J. McShane found Eugene Officer Carlos M. Jones did not intentionally deny 34-year-old Michael Sanchez medical care, leading to his death in 2019. The evidence showed the officer did not know that Sanchez had a seatbelt wrapped around his neck in the back seat of Jones' patrol car during transport to a hospital, the judge ruled.Eugene Police Department

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A judge has thrown out federal civil rights claims filed in a suit against Eugene police stemming from the 2019 death of a man found with a seat belt wrapped around his neck in the back of a police car.

The suit’s claim of a wrongful death in violation of state law survived the challenge but would have to be pursued in Lane County Circuit Court.

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