Some owners are rethinking Tesla after Elon Musk's problematic post

They're talking about ditching their cars, stock, or Cybertruck reservation

Tesla CEO Elon Musk is being called out for his recent posts on X. WPA Pool/Getty Images
  • Elon Musk's response to an antisemitic post has caused an uproar among some Tesla fans.
  • Musk called a post accusing Jewish communities of hatred against white people the "actual truth."
  • Some Tesla owners and investors said they're looking to sell their cars and their stock over it.

Some Tesla owners are sounding off after Elon Musk's latest online outburst that voiced support for an antisemitic tweet.

Seven current and would-be Tesla owners reached out to Business Insider to say they are either actively planning or considering selling their vehicles or Tesla shares, or that they're done buying the brand after years of believing in Musk and his company.

More Tesla owners voiced similar sentiments online.

Musk responded to an antisemitic post and called it "the actual truth" on Wednesday. The post was from a user saying that "Jewish communities" were pushing "hatred against whites," and western Jewish people specifically were supporting "hordes of minorities" who "don't exactly like them too much." The sentiment echoes the "great replacement" conspiracy theory supported by many white supremacists who believe minority immigrants are replacing white populations in western countries.

Musk's support of the post quickly drew backlash including threats of boycotting Tesla and a Facebook cofounder to all for his resignation.

Even some of his most loyal supporters had strong reactions to his post. Many of them said the cars aren't the problem — Musk is.

"The car is brilliantly designed and incredibly functional," Peter, a 2022 Tesla Model 3 owner from Vermont who asked to only be mentioned by his first name, told Business Insider. "However, until Musk leaves Tesla, I will not buy another of their products, and sadly I am considering selling my otherwise near perfect Model 3."

Peter added that Musk is "actively alienating his customers." He described Tesla customers as "relatively liberal and centrist."

Arthur Kulak told BI that he owns Tesla shares and is still deciding whether or not he should sell his stock in the company. He offered Musk some words of advice, "keep your mouth shut."

Tesla is set to have a delivery event for its long-awaited Cybertruck at the end of this month. Anticipation has been building and Cybertruck reservations have been made, but at least one person told BI that Musk's posts were enough to make him cancel his reservation.

"Elon makes it hard to want to buy a Tesla. Too bad," he said in an email.

Tesla investor Ross Gerber, who held $74 million in Tesla stock as of this spring, said in a post on X that he plans to get rid of his Model Y in favor of Tesla competitor Rivian.

Another "livid and appalled" Tesla owner told BI they've already spoken to their financial advisor about selling their Tesla stock after over 10 years volunteering and investing in the company. The Model Y owner, who asked to remain unnamed, said they've received messages from their family pleading with them to get rid of their car.

Similar conversations spilled over to Reddit, where one user suggested Musk's time as the CEO of Tesla should come to an end soon.

"I think he's honestly had his run, and Tesla wouldn't crumble without him. I think it would be a very good thing in the long run to get him replaced," the Reddit post read.

Online stock commentary site Citron Research, founded by Andrew Left, wrote a post from its official X account condemning Musk's stance. It's unclear if the account is personally run by Left, but the post explained a shift from admiration for Musk to call for "accountability."

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