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Car Buying
Will car prices drop in 2024? Here’s what an auto expert predicts

And December's around the corner, usually a good month to get a great deal

Gas prices slide ahead of Thanksgiving week

Several states are enjoying an average price below $3 a gallon

Here’s one energy win Biden probably won't brag about

He gets blamed for gas prices, yet domestic oil production is at a record high

This Israeli company is building a road that charges electric vehicles in Detroit

Electreon partners with Michigan to test roads that top up EV batteries on the go

California EV sales top 20% through Q3, with Tesla's Model Y leading the way

The West Coast state is known as the vanguard for automotive trends in the country

Toyota doubles down on EV investment at North Carolina plant as rivals pull back

Toyota is expanding upcoming battery plant investment by $8 billion as GM and Ford push outlays back.

Why my lawnmower is electric but my car isn’t

EVs are not a failure, they're here to stay, but big technology leaps take time

GM earnings: Automaker withdraws 2023 guidance as auto strikes take toll

GM did beat on both the top and bottom lines, but said the UAW strike has cost $800 million so far

Cybertruck, Ford and GM EV pickups: Dug graves and unrealistic expectations

Automakers are taking another look at demand for electric trucks

How the UAW's surprise strike at Kentucky truck plant may 'force Ford's hand'

A major escalation, as that plant alone is responsible for $25 billion in revenue

4 myths about green energy being pushed by GOP candidates

Fact-checking some of what got said last week by Trump and other candidates

UAW's Fain to expand strike on Friday if no progress; Trump to visit after Biden

And what may be behind Ford suspending its Michigan battery plant joint venture

Trump’s latest villain: Electric vehicles

Following Biden's UAW visit, Trump plans a prime time address on the evils of EVs

How UAW strike could quickly cost the economy $5B, especially tech companies

Chipmakers such as Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors and TSMC may be big losers

Gasoline fuels U.S. inflation, but at least new and used car prices look better

A UAW strike, however, could make matters worse on car prices

Road Test
Tesla diner and drive-in theater in L.A. is one step closer to reality

The likely first location now appears to be West Hollywood rather than Santa Monica

Elon Musk complains about quality issues while teasing a 'production candidate' truck

Musk: Tesla Cybertruck parts need to be 'built to sub 10 micron accuracy'

Pebble Beach
Ford CEO: It's the 'right time' to build the Mustang GTD supercar

And if 'we want to sell $300,000 Mustangs, you got to be at the Quail, right?"

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