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First Drive
2024 Audi SQ8 E-Tron First Drive: One more motor equals a lot more E-Tron

A third motor adds torque-vectoring to the electric SQ8 E-Tron

Deep Dive
1991 Acura NSX Luggage Test: Will a Motocompacto fit in the trunk?

Will Honda's electric scooter/suitcase fit in its most classic automotive creation?

Los Angeles
Lucid Gravity revealed as three-row, family-friendly EV with a 440-plus-mile range

Lucid's second car features key advancements over the Air, particularly its tech

Buying Guide
2024 Kia Seltos Review: Terrific small SUV, terrible name

A top-recommended subcompact crossover gets subtle but substantive improvements

Deep Dive
Chevrolet Trax Luggage Test: How much cargo space?

It has one of the segment's larger cargo volumes. Does that translate to real-world stuff?

Buying Guide
2024 Ford Escape Review: Easy to like, but space and price are problems

If the interior were just a bit bigger and a lot nicer, it could be a contender

Road Test
You thinking charging an EV is bad? Try filling a hydrogen-powered car!

Living with a Toyota Mirai for a week could've gone better

Buying Guide
2024 Toyota Venza Review: Want a ritzier RAV4 Hybrid? A cheaper NX? Try this

Otherwise, your SUV money is probably better spent elsewhere

Deep Dive
Ford Lightning Luggage Test: How big is the frunk?

The specs say it has the same cargo volume as a compact sedan

2024 Honda Ridgeline Preview: Now with 100% more TrailSport!

Honda's pickup gets an interior upgrade and a new, more rugged TrailSport trim level

Here's $111,000. Buy whichever (and how many) cars you want

We've done this before and it was fun. But now we get even more fake money! Ka-ching!

2024 Acura TLX Preview: Subtle style tweaks, fewer trim options

The A-Spec and Type S are the most popular models. They get the most attention.

Buying Guide
2024 Toyota Sequoia Review: Big and powerful, but very compromised

Third-row and cargo space are uncompetitive. At least the TRD Pro offers unique capability.

Buying Guide
2024 Hyundai Tucson Review: Sensible shoes with wild clothes

All those creases and funky details disguise one of the more sensible small SUVs

Deep Dive
Buying Guide
2024 Land Rover Defender Review: The definitive luxury off-roader

Defender 90, 110 and 130 are some of our favorite SUVs. Just be prepared to pay a lot.

Car Buying
Best cheap SUVs: You don't have to pay a lot to get a lot

These aren't just the least expensive SUVs, they're actually good!

Best midsize SUVs of 2023 and 2024, reviewed by experts

From family haulers to rock crawlers, we feature the best two-row, three-row and electric midsize SUVs for a wide range of people

Frunk or treat! Finding new ways to appreciate the Ford Lightning

The frunk and Pro Power outlets come up big once again

Buying Guide
2024 Toyota Camry Review: Is this the end of the line?

A new Camry is possibly coming next year, but this one's still got life in it

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