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How much is the average car insurance?

With so many variables associated with insuring a car, establishing an 'average' is difficult. With that, insuring a vehicle in an urban area is more expensive than coverage in a rural area, securing total coverage is more expensive than obtaining only liability, and your driving record will factor significantly into your rates. Most studies suggest an across-the-country average of $800 per year, but insuring your 16-year old might cost four times that, while obtaining only liability on your 16-year old minivan might be 1/4th that.
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What does travel auto insurance cover?

Few things complicate travel as much as a car accident or hospitalization. And if involved in a car accident on a vacation, you or your passengers might suffer both. Insurance is important wherever you and your vehicle might be, but it's exceptionally important when traveling. When comparing insurance providers, you need to consider three aspects of your coverage: Personal Liability, the Collison Damage Waiver and Supplemental Coverage. Personal Liability coverage pays the bills if you are at fault, the Collision Damage Waiver will repair or replace your vehicle, and Supplemental Coverage is just that - a means of covering those unforeseen expenses that are an inevitable product of an unforeseen accident. It's why they're called accidents.
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What can I do to lower my auto insurance costs?

If you park an expensive vehicle on the street in a congested, urban area you are probably paying a great deal for your auto insurance. Conversely, if you drive a less expensive, older vehicle in the suburbs and garage that vehicle every evening, you'll probably pay significantly less. However, if you're staying where you are and driving what you drive, you can still reduce costs of insurance with the addition of an anti-theft menu of modifications to your car, maintaining a clean driving record while opting for defensive driving, and improving both your driving habits and driving routine.

Am I covered by auto insurance if I drive someone else's vehicle?

Generally, coverage while behind the wheel goes with the vehicle you're in - and not who's in the vehicle. If, however, the vehicle you're driving is not insured, or the coverage does not match those costs associated with the accident, your policy's coverage will kick in to close that gap. For specific answers to the limits of your coverage, regardless of what you're driving, it's best to consult your insurance agent.

If I rent a car, am I covered by auto insurance?

While driving a rental car or truck your own insurance coverage may or may not cover you, your passengers and vehicle. In that this coveage will vary state by state, it's best to take the question to your insurance company for a complete and accurate evaluation of your current coverage, as well as the costs associated with any supplemental coverage you might need or wish to secure. It's far better to pay the relatively small fees prior to a rental than the thousands of dollars in out-of-pocket costs if your own policy were to fall short.

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