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Amazon will sell Hyundai cars starting in 2024

New cars will be available on the site for the first time, starting with Hyundai

You’ll be able to buy new Hyundai cars on Amazon next year, Amazon and Hyundai just announced together at the L.A. Auto Show. We know, you’ve all been chomping at the bit to pick up a Kona at the same time you’re restocking on toiletries, kitchen supplies and other things you totally don’t need. And now the time has come, because Amazon is selling cars!

Don’t think you’re totally free of dealerships, though. The Hyundais vehicles online that you’ll see listed on Amazon are not being listed by Hyundai itself, but by Hyundai dealerships. So, once you shop for and pick out the car you’d like to buy, you’ll still need to either go to the dealer to pick it up or have the dealership deliver it to you.

The Amazon and Hyundai partnership resulted in the making of a new interface that will allow you to search for cars by model, trim, color and features. Then, you’ll use Amazon’s online checkout to make payment and financing decisions. Without having gone through the process ourselves, it certainly sounds like there will be a whole lot less time spent at dealerships and being jockeyed between sales and finance people. Of course, we’d still recommend you step into a dealership to sit in and test drive the vehicle you intend on buying. Just because the entire process can technically be done from your couch, doesn’t mean that it should be.

Outside of this new buying process, Hyundai also revealed that its cars will have hands-free Amazon Alexa in its cars starting in 2025. You’ll be able to ask Alexa to do a whole load of things via voice in the car like, play music, set reminders or check your calendar. Controlling your smart devices in your home will also be possible, so you can crank up the heat or lock your doors if your home is connected in a similar manner.

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